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Randall H. Cunningham

Navy Lieutenant Randy Cunningham was Americas first pilot ace of the Vietnam War. Born on 8 December 1941, he was commissioned in the US Navy in 1967. Receiving his gold wings the following year, he soon joined VF-96 flying F-4J Phantoms. Assigned to the USS Constellation in 1971, he was crewed with Lieutenant "Willy" Driscoll as his Radar Intercept Officer and began flying combat missions against the North Vietnamese. On 19 January 1972, he engaged two MiG-21s at treetop level and claimed his first victory by downing one of the enemy fighters with a Sidewinder missile--the first MiG kill following a 2 year lull in the air war over the North.

While over North Vietnam on 8 May 1972, he engaged three MiG-17s, and while he was being fired on by two of the MiGs, he destroyed the remaining foe which was "on the tail" of his wingman. Two days later, Cunningham's section was on a flak suppression mission south of Hanoi when 22 enemy fighters attacked them. During the intense aerial combat that followed, he quickly destroyed a MiG-17 with a Sidewinder, then turned to assist the other Navy Phantoms, which were now boxed in by enemy aircraft. Cunningham reentered the battle and saved his group's Executive Officer while downing his second MiG-17.

With the arrival of more MiGs, the American fighters were making a dash for the coast when he encountered another MiG head-on. Cunningham soon realized his adversary was no ordinary pilot. After a 4-minute "see-saw" duel, he claimed his third aircraft of the day; his victim was Colonel Toon--North Vietnam's leading ace. Following their third victory of the day, Cunningham and Driscoll were forced to eject into the Gulf of Tonkin when a SAM hit their aircraft as they headed home. Rescued by a Navy helicopter, Cunningham would receive the Navy Cross for his heroism and superior airmanship on this day.

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Randy Cunningham's last MiG engagement on 10 May 1972 is a chilling testimony of his tactical skills. As Colonel Toon attempted to gain the advantage on their third pass, Cunningham tried to out climb his adversary, but the MiG-17 stayed with him. Suddenly cutting his throttles and applying his speed brakes, Cunningham forced his opponent to overshoot. He fired his last Sidewinder after they "pitched over the top" and the missile exploded near the MiG and forced it to the ground before the pilot could eject. This third kill of the day made Cunningham the first US "all missile" ace, the only pilot to shoot down three MiGs in one day during the Vietnam War, and the First American F-4 Phantom ace.

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